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Alistrati’s cave is one of the largest caves in Europe. The rich decoration includes, apart from huge stalactites and stalagmites in various colors the rare s eccentrics. The eccentrics or helictites are rare formations created which disobey the laws of gravity and following irregular paths.

The main feature of this cave – that makes it unique in the Greek world – the great variety of eccentrics. Cave is also characterized by its unique microscopic organisms (3mm.) as Alistratia Beroni, a unique kind of isopod. The corridors have a visited length of 3 km. The cave belongs to the canyon cave network River Aggitis along with four other well known caves.

The cave of Alistrati is located 6 km southwest of the town of Alistrati Serres, at “Petroto” and can be reached from both Drama, Kavala, and from Thessaloniki (via Serres or Asprovalta). Cave has been developed and can be visited since 1998. In a very close distance from the technical cave entrance there is the canyon of the river Aggitis.